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Plain Aussie-English Service.

At Paddle Ads, we pride ourselves on plain Aussie-English service providing web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Ads, printing, photography and videography packages. Based in Mornington on the stunning Mornington Peninsula, we help our clients through a world where digital marketing has been made out to be too complex to understand and too painful to realise a clear Return On Investment.

Why is everything to do with website design, ads and digital marketing made to feel like this? We don't get it either. 


PPCs, CROs, AdWords, SMOs and AdSense make no sense. Overly complicated descriptions and walls of text make online advertising difficult to comprehend.


The whole point of an investment is to see an eventual Return On Investment. Confusing reports on countless analytics shadows your bottom line return in doubt.

Overwhelming ?

You've got the perfect website. Now what? A countless amount of exposure strategies means confusion and meaningless expenditure seems to be expected.

Transparent Digital Advertising and Design

Based on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia, Helping Clients Around the World!

Web Design. It's Easy.

Web Design. It's Easy.

Enough headaches.

Something that every business needs shouldn’t be so complicated to understand and difficult to reconcile.

Paddle Ads makes it easy to understand what we offer so you know what you’re investing yourself into.

Ads. They Work.

Above all else, we’re honest.

We base our work on hard data and will consult you before making any changes.  

Our mission at Paddle Advertising is to consistently update you on what we’re doing and make sure you understand every step of the process (unlike a lot of marketers). 

Ads. They Work.

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