Branding and Printing

Your identity and physical outreach.


We design everything in-house, from anything to everything.


We can get any type of business material into the real world and into your customers' hands.


An identity overhaul. We’ll modernise your successful business and propel it’s identity into the future.


You've got a successful local business and considering expanding your brand to draw new customers or clients. Great! You're going to need a strong hold on everything that's involved with branding and printing to make a strong impact in the market you're growing into.

Branding or rebranding is a big job. Paddle Ads will see you all the way through creating your brand identity, material and digital presence. After identifying your goals and ideals we work to produce the dream that you have for your brand. There’s a lot to it and it will vary depending on the size of your business. Modernisation is a great tool to sustainable success. We are passionate about exploring the possibilities for your business’ new or updated identity and tailoring each individual approach.


The Biggest Companies Go Through Rebranding Regularly

Everyone from Google to Amazon to Apple have gone through major rebranding cycles throughout their lives in order to stay with the times. It doesn't mean changing your business' culture, vibe or core mission, but how those key features are presented to your new and existing customers or clients. Rebranding is not only healthy, but necessary. Coca-Cola had sold (practically) the same product for over 100 years, and yet have gone through several rebranding phases to maintain their foothold in their industry. How their product is received stays the same, but how it's packaged (both physically and in the form of advertisement or brand image) has to change as their market's wants and needs change.


We Can Design and Manufacture Almost Any Type of  Advertisement or Packaging Material

With your current or new brand, Paddle Advertising will take it and create almost any physical business material you’d like, including business cards, brochures, presentation folders, banners, flyers, car magnets, window decals and more! If it exists (or doesn’t) chances are we can design and create it.

As one of the most important areas of business getting your brand and materials perfectly representing your brand is the only option.

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Some Stats

Why branding and printing?


of brand recognition increases with a consistent signature colour scheme.


of B2B marketers say that immediate brand recognition is within their top goals.


of all consumers commit to a brand when it commits to full transparency.

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