Email and SMS Campaigns

Your messenger.


Add a personal touch with a newsletter, new products or services.


Deliver unique and individual offers or prices as a reward for doing business, special season or business celebration.

Remind (SMS)

Send an instant SMS prompt to act on upcoming events, deadlines or other time-sensitive topics.

Seize Every Opportunity


We utilise Email and SMS campaigns to keep in contact with your database and increase client retention.

Email and SMS campaigns offer the opportunity to provide regular communication, updates on location, opening hours, special offers and friendly reminders. As one of the most beneficial ways to see Return On Investment by offering special offers through opt-in emails and SMS, these campaigns send traffic to your website and allow us the opportunity for follow up Emails and Messages.

Paddle Ads uses MailChimp, the leading Email and SMS client to funnel the direct communications you want to have with your existing clients.


Aren't Email Lists Outdated?

This is what we thought too! Surprisingly, email and SMS continues to be two of the most effective ways to marketing and communicate directly with your client base. It can be used to generated new interested in customers or clients, but this can be compared to spam emailing and isn't something that we are involved in. It's annoying and Paddle Advertising doesn't engage in spam creation.

Instead, we use MailChimp's powerful service to retain, engage, offer and communicate anything you'd like to your existing customers or clients. No spam emails here!


Studies show that existing customers and clients prefer opt-in one-on-one communication (email and SMS) when it comes to direct sales and offers over any other method.

Reward some or all of your client base with tailor-made offers and deals, provide regular opt-in updates and information or remind clients about anything through time-sensitive emails or immediate SMS. 

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Some Stats

Why websites?


of retail professionals indicate that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention.


of people prefer to get permission-based promotional messages through email than any other platform.

Every $1

spent on email marketing campaigns has an average Return On Investment of $38.

Still Not Sure?