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Optimising your website so it has the best chance of being found by organic searches.


Running paid campaigns to enable your website to appear higher in searches.

Business Listing

As your second website, your listing displays all of your info when searched on Google.

Enough Confusion

Unlike some marketers, we won’t use big walls of text, complex metrics or other scare tactics to influence you into doing business with us. Paddle Ads believes in transparency and simplicity. If you don’t fully understand everything we haven’t done our job.

We'll chat once a week over the phone for 15-20 minutes to chat about the week's performance and what we're doing next week to keep your SEO growing and your Google Ads performing at their most effective way possible!


Organic, free visits. The better your SEO, higher your website will appear on Google searches relating to your business. You'll appear higher in direct searches ("lawyers mornington") and in more obscure searches ("legal advice south east melbourne").

Search Engines like Google are your primary source of being discovered by a new customer or client. Your website needs to appear as appealing as possible to Google by how the website's background information is set out. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allows your business to be found easily. We'll jump into the back-end of your website to offer strategies that help your business to appear in the top searches maximising traffic to your website in the form of organic visits. The better your SEO, the more visible it is to Google and the more traffic you'll receive.

There is no way to pay Google to appear higher in searches. The only way to appear higher in searches in Google is to have your website organised with keywords about your business, genuine Google Reviews, a consistent online presence on other websites like Facebook, and continually updating your website's keywords with data Google provides you. We'll take care of all of this start to finish and make you understand everything about it!

AdWords and Google Ads

Directly targeted, paid visits. Tell Google who you want to visit your website with what information and watch the clicks flow in. You'll appear at the top of the page of the same results as in 'SEO' as a shortcut to get in front of potential new customers.

We test many different areas, word groups and structures so that we can get your business the top spots.

SEO, Google Ads and AdWords are the foundation and specialty of Paddle Ads, and what we do best.

Your Business Listing

Your Google Business Listing is the block of information displayed to the right of a Google Search (see photo below). If you search a local business you should see their business name, updated photos, opening hours, location, contact information, reviews, posts and more. This acts as a second website and what your new customers or clients will see before clicking through to your website. If this doesn't look phenomenal there's a good chance they may look at a different business that looks more legitimate to them.


The Package

We combine all of these services into a single package that evenly builds SEO, Google Ads and your Google Business Listing. We only act on facts and data we're shown from Google, and we make sure that we're getting your business in front of new customers on Google from day one.

This is usually the most difficulty portrayed topic among marketers, but it’s not! Give us a call and we’ll explain it in plain English and always make sure you’re completely aware of what is taking place, the risks involved, and the benefits that will follow.

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Some Stats

Why Search Engines?


of all website traffic comes from a search engine.


of consumers who did a local search visited a store within eight kilometres.


of mobile searchers call a business directly from a Google Search.

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