Social Media

Your business' heartbeat.


Keep your new and existing customers in the loop with anything that happens.


Respond and reward interactions with your business by replying and engaging immediately.


Use Facebook and Instagram Ads to attract untapped interest and potential from anywhere you'd like.

Keep the Heart Beating

So you're thinking about getting your haircut and decide to look at two local hairdressers on Social Media, like Facebook. One has a few photos over the last six months, with one 5-star review and a phone number.

The other has two photos posting each week with a consistent bubbly vibe, a photo for every style they provide, some team member photos, forty 5-star reviews (two are from people you are friends with) and two 4-star reviews, their opening hours, contact information, history, business mission and description, and a current competition running for a brand new top-of-the-line hair straightener.

Which one would you pick?


Keeping a business' online presence running smoothly and consistently is crucial for new and existing customers or clients to be able to feel like your business is running at it's best and is ready to handle their needs. Without consistent branded content, various photos, videos and other information someone discovering your business is more likely to look elsewhere to find someone that they can inform themselves about and familiarise with. Paddle Advertising prides itself on our ability to capture your brand and morph it into any means of exposure and advertising.

Social Media is ever changing, so we provide an adaptable solution. We'll make sure your business is always posting branded photos, videos and text that keeps your online presence's heart beating, while meeting our Paddle Ads. Every piece of content we release is always approved by you first. This keeps everyone informed and in the loop about your business.

Once your presence is releasing a flow of content we'll start getting new customers or clients that have never had exposure to your business right to your front door by using Facebook and Instagram Ads (depending on when it is required). Budgeted adverts with clear and concise goals are displayed to a demographic and area of your choice so we can get you new business flowing in smoothly.


Sound Confusing?

Don't stress. There's a bit to it, but the basic rules are:

Get consistent, branded content out there that's proven to appeal to your audience.
Respond to any concerns, requests, praises or queries in an appropriate way that corresponds with your brand.
Begin to release Facebook and/or Instagram Ads to attract new customers or clients to your business and grow your outreach (but the foundation must be there first!).

Without a consistent Social Media presence keeping your audience informed, engaged, and feeling heard, your competitors may look more appealing to your new customers or clients. 

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Some Stats

Why Social Media?


of businesses say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business.


of people aged 18-34 keep up with a brand or business through social networking.


of consumers say that positive reviews online influence their buying decisions.

Still Not Sure?