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Paddle Ads works closely with our internationally award-winning photography and videography studio partners to capture your business perfectly. We’ll craft any type of visual media such as photos, videos and animations to deliver the message you want your business to speak. Each case is unique and will depend on the visions and goals that you have.

Every business needs beautiful visual content in order to capture a wide array of people. Without product photos, team photos, shopfront photos and one or two short information videos a large demographic of people who may prefer to view visual content will have to read walls of text without any media to back it up. Not only that, when your launching Social Media campaigns stunning visual media is absolutely crucial to get a potential customer or client to engage with your ad instead of just scrolling by.

Writing and shooting incredible advertisement videos is quite a process, but the product speaks for itself. In order to truely capture the essence of your business an informative and demonstrative video is a must have for a business of any kind (especially on Social Media). This puts your business into the real world, with real people and real products to buy. If potential customers and clients are forced to only look at a few photos, there is a good chance they will look elsewhere before making a decision due to not having enough visual information to make an informed decision. A café could go over all of it's facilities, where it's based, some quirky team members, a special they have on every Friday and a brief history of the business. Seeing as people feel more comfortable about a business they're thinking of dealing with, an informative video is the perfect tool.

It is extremely important to us that you adore the work Paddle Advertising create and your needs are met. Our partners can help us achieve any task with the help of their arsenal of equipment and skills. From product shoots to drones, we’ve got you covered.

Everyone needs stunning visual media, from a restaurant's menu to a Dolphin & Seal Swim Tourism business for the side of their boat. Don’t say it, show it.

A Lincraft Ad Directed Our Studio Partner

Some Stats

Why photography and videography?

1 minute

of video is worth 1.8 million words.


of conversion rates increase when a video is included on a landing page.


of a message is retained by the viewer in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.

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